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US Customs

Gaines Marina maintains a U.S. Customs office for boats and seaplanes  entering the USA from Canada.

You may call us before your arrival either VHF channel 16 or by phone at 518-297-7000 .

Additional information:

Please take note that Canada and US Customs are in the process of revising their requirements for entry into Canada and the USA respectively. The following information is presented as a public service and no representations are made, expressed or implied, as to the completeness, accuracy, usefulness, or suitability as a guide for entry into either country.

Excellent sources of information are:
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All boats entering the United States from Canada must report to U.S. Customs either by calling a toll free number:1-800-827-2851 before leaving Canada or while en route.

Upon your arrival in the U.S. it is still necessary to call one of the locals marinas. Also, all boats arriving from Canada must have a valid immigration I-68 form otherwise the Immigration and Naturalization Service requires may ask you to report to one of the local marinas for inspection.

During your phone conversation with customs the following information may be required:

  • your estimated time of arrival at the border

  • your boat registration number

  • name, citizenship and date of birth for all persons on board ( US Customs will ask for a picture I.D.) Passport preferred.

  • your destination

  • length of stay in the USA

  • will you be leaving anything that is onboard, in the USA

  • are you bringing anything in that you plan to leave in the country.

Be prepared to show a copy your clearance control number. In the event your boat is boarded by an inspection unit, this number will indicate that you have met your Customs reporting requirements.